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In Saukkoranta you will discover a unique wood-heated sauna, which has a nature beautiful environment. On the opposite beach you can see the harbor and lots of industrial lights. There is also a shipyard in which may see a ship under construction.


Saaronniemen Saukot
Tammirannantie 39
20100 Turku Ruissalo

Bus schedule, line number 8.

If you are coming to sauna with bigger group (over 15 person) it would be nice, if you inform us before you are coming. Then we can prepare to warm up the other sauna.You can send information to our email.


Get wet And enjoy!!!

Everybody is welcome to our winter swimming center. That’s our motto. A little bit of history of our club. It is established in 1999 and is called ”Saaronniemen Saukot”. 2002 we moved to our current place called ”Tammiranta”. Little by little we have repaired our mainbuilding, sauna and other buildings. Today we have about 350 members and they are from all social groups.

Weather you are a student , doctor, teacher, employee, unemployee, retired, manager or what ever. In sauna or in cold water we all are equal. First when you come to our center go into the mainbuilding and pay for bathing 6,00 € (members 3,00 €). Take your own towel and swimming suit with you. Then you can go to sauna which is situated down on the shore. Dressing-rooms are also in the same building, mens on the left and womens right side. It is highly recommended that you go first into water and after ”dipping” go to sauna. When you have reached the Euforia and it’s time to end bathing. The last time when you get up from water instead of sauna go straight to the dressing-room. Dry yourself and put warm clothes on.

Now it’s time to go into mainbuilding. There is a coffee-shop where you can buy tee, coffee, coffeebread, limonade in very reasonable price.

Thank you! We hope that we can see you over and over again.